Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 67.... Team Penning.....

Emelia and I spent a very exhausting morning at the SHow Ground doing Team Penning...

There were about 68 teams, and it took hours for Emelias Team to go on... they were 65!!!!

Emelia was so nervous!! Solo was a bit naughty today too. So i got on him and gave him a workout. I havnt cantered or galloped on him yet, as i am still regaining my confidence. But today it felt good and i really gave him a workout with his stops and turns etc for cutting out the beast. It felt great!! I am so buying a stock saddle now and i will ride him more often!!! Apparently its a great fat burning exercise!!!

Here he is when i was finished with him... He was pooped!!!

As I said, there was a bit of a wait. So they just rode around a bit. Im sure Solo and Katherines Horne Trooper have a "thing". They touch noses to say hello, which is so cute!!!

Here is Emelia and Mat. They havnt been riding together for so long!!

This is Emelias Team.....

Considering this is the FIRST time Emelia and Solo and Katherine and Trooper have done Team Penning together, they went really well. Tom cut two of the beasts out and they made it to the end of the arena before time out!!! They should be very proud of themselves!!!

And here is me today.... God, im so sick of these.... I might just take Weekly photos i think wiht updates.... Instead of the 365 day challenge, i will call it the 52 week challenge!!! Yes, i think thats what i will do!!!

Seeya next week!! LOL


Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
You have been one busy lady...Just like prevails...Emelia is doing really really well with Solo...And I must say I love your new Pink Bike....Keep up the good work with those layouts as well, and also your looking amazing...

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

52 week challenge is so much less stress and easier to stay interested in it, but at the same time, easier to forget to do!

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