Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 52... Archery at Tamworth

As I mentioned yesterday, we headed to Tamworth EARLY this morning for Archey...
We shoot in rows of 18...
5 arrows each end with scoring a max of 25 points an end.
Each round worth 100 points.
This is what we were shooting

I wasnt expecting to go that well.... But at this stage i am even with Stuart.
We both scored 90 and 91 for the two rounds we did today.
We were home by lunch time, but back again tomorrow for another round and then the winners announcement.....
Here is my first end.... 1xX 2x5s and 2x4s a score of 23 out of 25
I didnt do a proper photo today... but Emelia took this sneaky one..
Nice photo of my braide!!!

So thats my HUGE day!!
Lots of photos.....
Seeya tomorrow for results!!!

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