Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 46

I decided to have a bit of a break from DT last night and went over to
That Little Scrapbooking Shop and joined their CC
This is Challange 2
- Cut shapes from pp...
- Song Title
- Chipboard
Mine is "I love you so"
But the journalling is:
Go away and give me the chance to miss you
say goodbye and it makes me want to kiss you
I lvoe you so much more when your not here....
You know what its like when we are horemonal girls!!
I can so relate to this song!!!!

Here are some closer pics.

I found these wire crystal things at spotlight!! Arnt they awesome!!!

Challenge 3 was:

- 3 or more photos

- 3 or more patterned papers

- Dsitressing

- The word obsessed.

Here is mine:

"Totally huge obsessed blogger"

Here is my photo for today.... Sqinting into the non sun!!!
Its a bit overcast today, but still bright!!!
As far as weight loss goes, the scales arnt moving!!! But they arnt going up either, so thats a good thing right!!!
Jut they just wont go past that number one goal!!! I made it past there last week for a day, but then they jumped back up again!!!
GRrr its so frustrating!!!
Now its getting cooler, Stu and i are going to start doing the Porky walk again. thats up to the top of our local lookout. Its maybe 5 1/2 kms, but all straight up and hill and then straight down hill, so your really working the muscles...
Thats it for me,


Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi, love the layouts and your daily picture...I wish i could walk with you everyday but its a little far away. but just remember we are in this together, and WE CAN DO IT

lindy said...

great layouts Jodi

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