Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 40.....

Here is my photo for the day...
Evidence of my being naughty!!
Taken on my phone while i am waiting at the school to pick up emelia this arvo!!
It was so hot!!!!
An ice cream is always good to cool down!!!
I started a photography course tonight through TAFE
I think it must be a pre requisite that if you are doing an IT course of some kind, like digital photography, that a certain amount of prior learning is an expectation.
Most of the night was spent doing a document that took like 5 minutes if that
It was so boring!!!!
Im hoping that it will get heaps better.. But theres always that 70 year old person in the class that wants to take up all the teachers time.
Its so unfair
The majority of the class has paid alot of money to attend the class to learn something new, and then we get held up all the time as jsut get bored!!!!
It makes me so cranky!
Instead of coming home in a good mood, ive come home cranky which isnt why i did this course!!
hopefully next week will be better!!!


Lisa A said...

Oh how much I would dig for an icecream after seeing this photo, looks like we will be seeing some groovy pics coming our way good luck and have fun with it

Kirsty said...


I know EXACTLY what you mean about idiots wasting the teachers time. Its like they are trying to prove something to everyone. *sigh* Sadly, there is one on EVERY course.


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