Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 316... Too beautiful a day to be ironing!!!

Well, I am supposed to be behind the ironing board again now.... But look at this day today!!
After all the wind and miserable cold weather... why stay inside when i can be outside taking photos of myself...
More dares to come... been trying to work out the butchers one at the moment... very embarasing... Im seeing light though and think i can do it..... But be patient!!!
Anyway, seeing as i am supposed to be ironing, i decided to stay outside and do my photos...
Here is just a bit of the length i go to eveyday to bring you a photo of me!!!! And this one isnt a dare!!!
So photo 1: Nice day!!!

Photo 2: Might have a rest in the hamock seeing as i am supposed to be ironing!! Damn washing machine is damanding my attention - i am trying to ignore it!!!
Photo 3: Must be further from the washing machine.. am now on the grass out the back... Such a lovely day to be getting some sun... Very bright but!!!
Photo 4: Tooo bright, time to turn over and lay on the grass... Grass stains on the elbow of new shirt!!! Damn, this happens everytime with new clothes....

So now thats over and the washine machine is calling me.... Time to find some more old photos of the kids...
ONce again, looking a Brendas Blog... Her gorgeous dd in her new winter uniform - so i thought id share mine at a similar age. Emelia is in Kindy and Josh in Second class... They are so cute!! Josh loved his toys.... he is holding up (God i cant see it) But obviously it was the toy for the week that had to be in all photos!!!
ANd here they are again... CHeck out the hair!!! Kitty has to be in all photos too... Oh, they were so adorable!! WHat happened to my babies!!! :( so sad!!!
Boo hoo, thats my day. The washing machine is getting agro now! Time to go shut it up!!

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