Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 315... Thank God its over!!!

I really hate cleaning days... you know - really hate them!!!
I had to clean today :(!!!
SO im really glad its over.. hence the sunset

I had to climb my tree out the back to get this photo. Stu yelled out "Quick dial OOO"!! Yeh, prick!!! Ive climbed this tree before for my photo!!
This is day 315...
If youve looked at the most recent post on Brendas blog, you will notice they have been tripping around.... They went to Aspley Falls...
Her photos reminded me of photos i had of my kids at a similar age - so i thought id share!! They were so cute back then!!
Here are my gorgeous darlings....

Me and Missy
And "Josh the pretender!!!" He wasnt really frighteneed.. just posing for the camera!!! I loved that age - so easy compared to now!!! So that was my day.. how was yours?

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Lisa Ashman said...

Don't ya just love looking back at those older photos of you and your kids when they were younger, my mum does it to me all the time.
How are things up there in Gunnedah, its freezing down here so i can imagine what it is like down there....LisaA


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