Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 313...... Mundane House Work :(

All I wanted to do today was scrap.... Didnt happen :(

I had piles of washing and ironing to get through... As well as wedding stuff to wash and hang..
SO scrapping didnt happen.
Im still washing now. Ive got linen napkins and chair covers in the wash now....

So, seeing as i didnt leave the house today, this is my photo. Other than my ensuite (Wear i do my reading) this is my most favorite place... My desk!!!
I have all my scrapping stuff here, my computer that has a huge screan with a TV, heap and heaps of harddrive for photos including an external hard drive... A big comfy chair - everything i need to set up camp after tea and relax...
So this is todays photo.. Day 313..

Here is a layout i finally completed. I bought this kit from Cut & Paste last November and its been waiting to get done....
I put down all the names and endearments that the kids call one another... not all nice by the way!! This isnt one to send in for publishing!!! But its real... its life!!!
"Sibling Lingo"

So that was my Sunday. Hope yours was more exciting than mine!!!

Mum and Ken got home from Newcastle last night... They came over today bearing gifts - literally!! Mum is Bear crazy!!! SHe showed me the most gorgeous collectable bear that Ken bought her for Mothers Day, birthday and Christmas 2008!!! Mum also bought emelia and i a bear each that was lovely and some beautiful scrapping supplies and a 10th Bookmark telling the personality of those people born on the 10th and its spot on!!!

Ok, so thats me... Seeya tomorrow. Oh Julie!!! I so agree with you about Jamie... Isnt he hot!!!!! I cant put this book down!! Who thought a highlander would be so..... um...... yeh!!! I'll leave it at that!! Seeya

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AmandaMcGregor74 said...

I think I have just realised what Outlander book you are talking about - Diana Gabaldon? That title is the US title, in the UK and Aus it was released as Cross Stitch - be warned, there are 5 more after that, and a side series with 3 books in it, and if you can find it on Amazon, a non fiction companion book!! And yes, Jamie is hot! I must admit, some of the love scenes in there are quite incredible!! LOL


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