Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shhhh... Im not supposed to be doing this!!!

Im supposed to be doing paperwork today. After the last couple of weeks, I am so far behind and its BAS time again!!! The boss will be on my back!! (But seeing as its my husband - I'll just ignore it haha)

I thought id share a layout i did last night. "Yoo Young"
Emelias had to grow up so much this last week and had to face situations and make decisions she is too young to make.... I hope she learns from it!!!
But look at her.... butter wouldnt melt in her mouth!!!! Yeh right!!

And this is me today.....
Been up the street to do all thos jobs, and now ahve to get the paper work done.... I hate the paper work part!!!
This is day 289...

Seeya tomorrow!!

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