Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 295... Through rose coloured glasses

These are my new rose coloured glasses, and life does look rosier!!! I just cant take them of as the ugliness just consumes me!!! LOL. nah, its not that ugly!!
Starting to look better. DD will be starting at a private school next term. A nice fresh start!!
DS is sitting mid year exams... poor kid. But with no study, we'll see what happens... He wants to go to Uni to do radiography. Hes actually doing some work experience during the school holidays at John Hunter Hospital which is huge for a high school kid. Him and his mate organised it themselves!! With the help of the local hospital...

I did canteen duty at school today and its always so shocking to see kids in their habitat. I cant believe that state that they come to school in... its like "Pick the clean and tidy kid!!" I struggle ti understand a lack of pride in their appearance... but even writing this i feel like an old crony!!! Were adults saying that in the 1980's... im sure they were along with "What on earth is that god aweful noise!!".... Ummm its ACDC mum, there so cool!!!

Ok, enough reminiscing and showing my age...
Here i am in rose coloured glasses day 295!!! I cant beleive i have stuck to this for so long!!! Its incredable!!!

Thats my day
Hope you all had a good one
Seeya tomorra!!!

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