Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 293... Through Rose Coloured Glasses

What a lovely surprise i got in the mail this morning... It really bought a lovely smile to my face..
The note attached stated:
These are rose coloured glasses wear then and all your troubles dissappear (Cannot guarantee troubles will return upong taking them off) Love Michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Isnt that too funny!!!!

Im wearing them!!!! Im not going to take them off!!!!

You may remember Michelle from previous layouts such as "Through the looking arse".... LOL

Here is todays photo... before i got the rose coloured glasses.....
Day 293....
Its cleaning day today.... I felt like rubbish all day, but did manage to get the house clean as well as all the ironging and two balloon delivered and a wedding hire pckup... so i did well!!!
I do have conjuctivitus in my left eye.... so stay away cause its contageous!!

Here is Challenge 3 in the CyberScraps CyberCrop....

"My Beautiful Boy" I had to do a mismatched title. But i also decided to use up a heap of old stock!! hence the copius amounts of rubons.....

That was my Monday... how was yours???

Seeya tomorrow

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