Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 296... One of those nothing gained days today

You know, i dont even think i managed to finish the washing today... Its just one of those interupted days!!!
DD is at home as shes not returning to the public school this terms and starts at the private school next term, so of course its, can we go here, can we go there and mum gets nothing done!!!
We have to have all new uniforms made as the smallest in the shop is like 2 sizes too big for her!!

We met mum and ken (My stepdad kinda - but they are just shacked up not married!!!) at the Verdict for lunch and it was lovely!!! We got all sorts of looks as we laugh and laugh truely!!! Ken says, "Can we be serious for just a minute please... now how do you do this on the computer!!" too funny!! They are an adorable couple!!!

I still have to show you all a piccie of DH's new panzy geek bike!!! Im so upset that he is selling the Beull and bought this other GSXR1000, which they assure me is NOT a panzy bike!!! But it sounds like a lawn mower to me..... A very fast one apparently!! But i just loved the roar of the Beulll!!! Apparently im just a harley tart!! But im not as it was a beull not a harley!!! Quite different!!! (No disrespect for those female harley lovers out there of course!!! He was saying it as an insult to me personally as i hurt his feelings about his panzy bike - poor thing...)

So, what else is new..... Opportunity is a knocking for me on the scrapbooking front... its all quite shocking really.... as it surprising for me!!! But will let you know whats happening at a later date when i know!!

This is me today!! Day 296... same old same old i know... Just the clothes rotate.. I am so not creative with photography and i have been visiting other 365 day peoples blogs for inspiration, but i just cant set that kinda stuff up. As it is now, i just go out to my tree, click click, download, upload and the jobs done.... Setting up and thinking about it all, i just dont have time for that!!! Maybe in the 365 days phase 2!!!!

Thats me

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kerry said...

Hi chiccie,new bike for dh lucky bugger.Get away from the tree and take a pic in the bush lol.Anyways catch you on soon take care Kerry xx


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