Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 294.... Nothing happening here...

Today was one of those days where nothing was achieved. Lots of starts... nothing completed..
No tell a lie, i did do like 5 deliveries, the ironing, bought another bead on ebay, sent a letter, did the washing, cooked tea, took my daughter for a bloodtest, hmmm, went to the post office to post of my little album to SM, foloded clothes.... watched half a dvd... and i think thats it, oh, i did get my nails redone... that was nice.. I must remember to take a photo... They are little like orchards on my fingers this month. Sue-elle is so clever!!!

This is my photo, it was early morning, and i hadnt put on my rose coloured glasses yet.....
Day 294
So thats it for me...
Seeya tomorrow

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