Saturday, April 26, 2008

312.... Another Dare Down...

Todays Dare comes from Lisa A... find a man in uniform and have your picture taken with them, like Policeman, Fireman, Ambulance Man from your local town of Gunnedah.
So here we are with the Rescue Hazmat Fire Man... He was only too pleased to have a photo with me. Loved the idea what i told him why and he told me that they get these kinda requests all the time..... Mainly from year 12 students...

Here is this weekends wedding.
This is the first time that my new lycra chair covers have been used. Dont they look totally fabbo!!!

My lovely fish bowls came up a treat!!

This baby pink organza sash is lovely. The bright white and very soft pink was just beautiful.
And the liitle Bomboneirries... are they cute!!
So thats me so far.

Gotta finish a page i started last night, so a delivery and then sit and watch Golden Compass and eat some lolly gobble bliss bombs!! Too yummy!!
Seeya tomorrow... I'll be dieting Monday!! Shhhhh... I cant fint into my clothes and im going away end of May.... Dont tell anyone, how embarrasing!!! LOL

1 comment:

kerry said...

Hey Jodi can't believe that you are eating them .I dont think i have had them for years are they still as yummy as they were 20 years ago.take care Kerry xx


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