Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 298.... Challenge Jodi kicks off!!!!

Well, the challenge Jodi is really getting a great start....

I have a couple of new challenges, but keep them coming, as i need one everyday!!!! Help Me!!!

The Challenge: Challenge Jodi to take her daily photo somewhere or somehow different from infront of my tree where i usually take them......

The lovely Lisa A from from Lake Macquarie suggested i take photos of myself around Gunnedah.. Easier said than done. Theres a lot on on Saturdays, and its a bit embarrasing... But i decided to head to the main street and take a photo at our favorite coffee haunt - the Verdict!! I love the legs!!!

And here is my photo with the little "famous" accesory... the dog in a bag!! Its too cute!!
Thanks so much Lisa, this was a great idea!!!
Keep them coming....

Joanne has made a suggestion for tomorrow - but i have to check with DH first!!!! (Theres my hint)

Well, I havnt had a chance to scrap today, ive been too busy ballooning..

I did two 70th Birthday functions today, one male and one female... too funny their choice of colours and theme.... They Both wanted gold and stars... talk about weird - as is both wanting the same thing... but they certainly didnt look the same!!!

This was for the lady... Notice those top balloons, there are another two balloons floating around inside that one... There is a machine you can buy that does this for you... but i dont own one, its all done by hand, or should i say thumb!!! it really is tricky and it kills my thumbs!!!

This one was the mans function. He's a truckie.... Check out that cake!!! There was so much detail on it!! Increabible job!!!
And these are his balloons. The centre black one has gold stars on it...
And now finally, for all those that have requested.... Here is a photo of the "Panzy" bike!!! But note - it wont stay that way for long... Its being streetfighted..... So when you figure out what that means, can you tell me..... please?????....

So, thats my day today...Seeya tomorra

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kerry said...

Hey Jodi glad to see that you are away from that tree love todays pic.take care love Kerry xx


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