Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time to change the name from Challenge Jodi to DARE JODI!!!!

OK, I think dare Jodi is more appropriate for this one!!! Theres been some really good challenges, and i will get to them.... One invloves hanging upset down from kids play equipment!!! Like..............WHAT!!! But will see what i can do about that one!!!

Today though, after not being able to find a dress i liked enough to take my photo in (Will try that one again tomorrow!!), i did Kerry'S DARE!!! ask a stranger in the street and get them to take a pic of you in front of the post office.

I was in Tamworth today and after i couldnt find a dress, went to the post office to find only one "strange person"... my daughter and the photo she took was horrible!!! She was so embarrased and rushed it!!!

So i took my own (But i will have another go at doing it properly Kerry!!) SO here i am at Tamworth POst office... photo for the day of 301!!!

Didnt do anything exciting. Had to go to spotlight as i have a wedding on this weekend that required fabric i dont have.....
So that was my day!!
Seeya tomorrow.... stay tuned for more dares!!!
If you have a dare for a photo, just leave a comment... I do have another 3 dares, but i need anought for the rest of my 365 days.... so 64 days worth!!!


Kat Browne said...

If you want a cutesy kinda pic, you can always take a photo of you kissing Stu (NO TONGUE IF IT GOES ON THE BLOG LOL). It's fun, and its hilarious trying to kiss and position a camera with your eyes closed (to make it challenging), or to get the giggles mid photo.

For embarassing ones, umm... lemme think on it, I'm sure I can be suitably evil for you.

Brenda said...

Hey jodi I've got another one..... go down town and find Arthur Birch the parking cop and get your picture taken with him.....that would be soooo funny! lol

kerry said...

LOve the Arthur Birch one what a great dare lol.I'm still thinking JOdi.OKay this one is from B and me you have to go to the local butcher shop in your nightie with know hair and makeup done and get your photo taken with a sausage in hand.Definatly no hair and makeup done.take care LOve Kerry xx


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