Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 287..... Pulling on the RM Williams Gear!!

Hasnt it been cold of a morning?? Brrrr!!!
DId any one get april fooled!!!
I hd the best balloon delivery today - it make my week honestly!!!
The girlfriend of a couple rang up to send congrats on your engagement balloons to the boyfirend, but sent to both of them. It was so funny.
Delivered it to the workshiop infront of everyone and i made a big deal out of it. Congrastulated him on his engagement. The boss obvieously recognised it straight away as April fools, btu went along perfectly like it had been staged, and this guy was gobsmaked!!! Hilarious!!!!
Ardrien Mate, your a rgeat sport!!! Happy engagement!! hahaha

Here is the daily photo day 287..... I had to leave the house to do deliveries today... go to the dcotors, so had to get out of the jarmies and face the music!!
Things are still hard and getting harder... but im learning to not be as shocked and have learnt to cope with things in a calming manner.. Thats huge for me as i am so rectional!! Is that a word!!

Seeya tomorrw!!

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