Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 299.... An Action packed Sunday!!!

First of all, let me start by showing you Joannes challenge photo...

Yesterday, Joanne challenges me to have a photo taken onmy husbands new motorbike (If hed let me)... Well, stu thought it was a great idea and would i like to wear his leather jacket?? I thought the leathers were too much, but i like this jacket as it has stuff all over it!!!

So here is my daily photo... day 299...

Ok, so now i am in need of more challenges for tomorrow....

I was out the back today pegging out the washing and i found this little guy. We have a few of them around the garden, but they usually keep to themselves.
This guy was out sunning himself, so i tempted him with some prawns to get some close up photos... Isnt he cute!!!

See his blue tougne.... hence his name!! lue tongue lizard!!
ALso, this morning, Emelia and i went out to get some relief at the local pistol club open day!

This is a photo of kens back. He was teaching me the technique. it was lovely spending some time with him while he did "his thing", ken loves his pistols.

I will have photos of me shooting tomorrow. There was the official photographer there and all!!!

Finally, here is a quick layout i did last night.

"Giday Officer, just add it to my tab!!! Hes a bad bad boy my husband... hes going to loose his lisence on this bike!!!

The following layout is for a bit of fun using Pips March Double Up pack.
At Scrap with V, the friday night challenge was to do a layout with the name of a song from the year you were born..... I know.. how tuff is that!!!!
So 1985...... what was going on then..... Doesnt matter - I was born in 1968 so i chose the song "THe Good, The Bad and The Ugly" by Hugo Montenegro.
So thats the name of this layout... SO whom is what??? I'll let you decide????

And this is another layout from Pips March double up packs... i love doing these and the sissy, as all your stuff is in one spot and theres very little thinking involved... just relaxing sunday night scrapping!!!

"Wild & Wet"

In was experienting with paint dots today, inst it obvious!!!!

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Joanne said...

Hi that made my day, you look fantastic just love that photo. Now you have to get a licence and buy your own bike.

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