Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 311..... Its raining... all day!!! Yay!!!

Lest we forget......

Did anyone go to the dawn service this morning.... I was in bed!!! Not very patriotic am i. But looking at Tracey's blog.... Shes over there doing the real thing!!! What a great trip!!! Hope you have a safe trip back Tracey!!

Anyway, as i mentioned its rained all day today. I have one wedding this weekend, but its dry hire, so i dont have to set it all up. But i was out counting the chair covers and sashes out in my filthy workshop and decided what a better time that to clean it... so i spent two hours out there getting very dirty gettting very clean.. its all lovely now and items are on display, as it should be in a "Showroom" not a workshop!!! LOL

So, seeing as i havnt left the house all day, my photo today is another of one i enjoyed last week.. A kiss from Hubby who is home now!!! Hence, i didnt get to read Outlander last night!! I cant put it down... thanks Julie!!! LOL... Oh, who by the way also enjoys reading in the bathroom - see , its not that uncommon!!! LOL

SO day 311.... Kiss me Stu

ANd my scrapping for the day.

Been scrapping the daughter alot lately, so i thought id better do the son... He never lets me take his photo... notice the scowl... what a better name than "Always so serious"

This is a fun one with little pressies i got from the grils...


ANother one from my Sissy pack this month....


And Finally:

This is a sneak peak of the May class at Cyberscraps.... Get your pack soon.

We are using the new Core-dinates range of papers... And its all cardstock.. no patterned paper!!! Class will be Friday 23rd May @ 7.30pm be there or be sqaure!!! Now its all on-line and very easy. I will also email every participant a copy of the instructions at the end of the night!! Who can ask for more!!! Seeya tomorrow...

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