Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Reviews - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner & Dead in the Family

The much anticipated short story
"The short Second Life of Bree Tanner"
by Stephenie Meyers
Tells us the story of Bree,
One of the Newborn Vampires created by Victoria to kill Bella
from the Twilight Series.
This was really enjoyable,
and although very short, it does give you a good look at the Newborn
Vampires and the way they lived.
Was great to get it read before i go see Eclipse on Thursday.
Really great read if your a Twilight Fan...

"Dead in the Family"
Book 10 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series.
I get the feeling this was one of those books that sets the scene for the next book.
So many unanswered questions!!!
And a whole heap of new characters to love, hate
and be terrified off???
Really enjoyable!

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