Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Jolly Good Cause

This morning the Scrapping World was rocked by the tragic news of a family's loss.
Helen Jolly tragically lost her husband yesterday is a dreadful accident.
Anyone that has experienced this kind of sudden loss will understand the costs involved
in saying goodbye to our loved ones is extraordinary!
And needed immediately.
Even with Insurances and Super, there is a time delay in accessing funds and this causes a tremendous amount of stress and worry at a time when it really isn't needed.
A registered charity fund has been set up to Help Helen and her family at this time.
Sometimes when these things happen you want to do something, but are at a loss to figure out what.
This is a way we can have a real impact on helping this family.
Every little bit helps.
Australia is full of wonderfully talented scrappy people,
and if we can all put together and give a little something
it might help relieve the family a little and they can grieve without the worry of money.

If you would like to help,
a Facebook page has been established under the name of
"A Jolly Good Cause"
And you will find details for donations on the "Info" page.

If you have trouble accessing that page,
please email me personally on j_dolbel@bigpond.net.au
and i can send you the details.

A big thank you goes out to Anne-Marie Cox and Tracey Shenton
 for their very fast actions of a wonderful idea.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and this is a registered Charity Fund.

1 comment:

scrappinallie said...

Thanks for posting this Jodi. I know a lot of people will see your page and hopefully will donate. As you said, every little bit helps.


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