Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 200......

I had a lovely night last night doing a cyberscrap with all my cyber friends... Honestly, how big a dork am i? Its like me son playing xbox all night with all his cybermates in America!!! I call him a dork...... The apple doesnt fall far fromt he tree does it!!! But its all good!!

Anyway, i did my first layout for my Celebrate 2008 album with Cyberscraps. Im realyy happy with it.

The challenge at scrapwithv was to use old products, stitching and a photo from 2007. The stitching are the stamins in the flowers. I also made it 3D by adding thick stickon squares under the pp cutouts.

This is me today!! Im in holiday clothes.... no dressing up lately!! Under the tree out the back in the rain....
Day 200 of the 365 day challenge. Well over half way now!! I cant believe i still havnt missed a day!! im very comitted!! Or need to be comitted,one or the other!! LOL

Seeya tomorra

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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

I so have to get my finger out and do a layout - just not in the mood - what's wrong with me!!!! Might go over and have a look at cyberscraps....... Have a good weekend Meg


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