Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 158 - The day after......

Ok, the nation has spoken and we are in for a change......
Lets see what the next four years produces...... Its a bit scary isnt it. Last time Labour government was in we were paying 17% interest on our home loan!! There is no way we could and i dont think the nation coulds afford that!!!! I know i will be sitting with bated breath waiting.........

This is my day 158 photo... Sleeping!! Well, watching dvds and having little snoozes. I watched Evening - A lovely chicc flick - bit sad and Bobby Z which was a cross chic flick and shootemup movie. It was great for both me and Stu.

Other than that, just catching up with the washing. Started a layout - got some photos together and papers BG Fruitcake ones... totally yummy!!

I also applied for another DT position at That Little Scrapbooking Shop. I like the shop - a frequent shopper - but not much on a forumer as i am hugely loyal and find i like to stay where i know everybody. but lately i have been getting out and about spreading my wings!!!

Also, Lu should be married now..... God Ive been thinking of you Lu!!! All the best for your wedded life!!!

Thats it for me today. Hopefully I will have a layout of two to offer you tonight..

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kerry said...

Hi Jodi,Good to see that you are catching up on some rest.And it dosent hurt to spread your wings either goodluck to you and your dt applications i'm sure that you will get one.take care Kerry Mwah


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