Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Zealand Trip day 12 .... Time to go home

Yesterday was a really great final day at Queenstown.

First up we did a Quad Bike Treck thing!

This was so much fun!
On the flat stuff!!
As soon as we gained some confidence, they sent us up some hills!!
OMG that was so scary!!!

When we did that, Stu booked in for a Paraglide.
Im so devo'd!
I was to heavy by about 6 kilos to do this!
So you know what I have come home to do!
Diet, before heading back again next year!

Stu loved it!
He said he had a minor panic attack when he looked down over the town,
but looked up again and was fine!

We also did another Jet Boat Tour of the rivers...

The morning we flew out, we went for a little drive along the river
and found some lovely little spots!
Everywhere you turned is a postcard picture!

Coming home was another adventure.
The Queenstown airport is this quaint little thing.
Looking out over the Remarkables.
Just a tiny little airport, and customs and security were a breeze!

What a gorgeous backdrop!
I mean who puts their airports on this kind of realestate!

Flying over the snow topped mountains.

Then we get into Australia!
It was so depressing!

I used to think we lived in a great country!
We have been to Bali which i hated!
So sleezy!
and seen a bit of Australia,
but now having been to NZ and its such a clean gorgeous beautiful country!
So proud!
The roads are all lovely!
Even the dirt roads!

Such gorgeous proud little towns
and everything is green and treey.
I really didn't want to come home.

Arriving in the airport in Sydney! OMG!
We arrived and we had to get to the connector straight away!
The bus ran late and had to pick up every tom dick and harry on the way!

Went to register for our flight and they had already closed it!
So she wouldn't take all our bags.
I had packed all the toiletries in a bag to go with all my baggage, but the woman wanted me to take it as on board luggage.
I had all my deodorants and hairspray plus some scissors!
Its was locked with a lock
so it had to go through securty and be opened and go right through it.
So Stu sent me to hold the flight!
They went through my bag and then started on Stus backpack and though a heap of stuff out.
So Stu is running to the gate which closed 10 minutes ago!
and he got there and forgot my bag!!
So he had to go to lost baggage to get the bag he just left there!
We finally got on board and was sat next to a screaming child!
Arrived in Tamworth with Stuarts bags missing!
He turned up a lunch time today!!!
A great end to our fabulous holiday!

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Julene Matthews said...

Loved your pics of New Zealand.Laughed at your experiences at the airport...we have all had those kind of things happening. Good luck with your weight loss journey.

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