Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Zealand Trip Day 9 - Post by Stuart

Te Anau 19-1-13

Saturday January 19th 2013 We drove about 170ks SW of Queenstown to Te Anau today.
There is some very good grazing country around here, lots of sheep, cattle and dear.
Yet another beautiful town on another beautiful lake. This place is much more laid back than Queenstown, the scenery is not quite as spectacular but pretty impressive all the same.
Te Anau is basically the gate way to Milford Sound, initially I had full intentions of driving to Milford Sound and spending the night at Te Anau on the way back but as it turned out we were both sick of driving and getting stuck behind camper vans and the day was less than ideal. Rain early cleared but only due to the fact a roaring southerly pushed it out. We drove around the town for a while and fell in love with the laid back nature of the place. We ended up in the burbs where all the new houses were getting build. There was an open house so we called in and had a look, it was a nice little holiday house about 20sq on a small 800mtr block worth about $350k,so comparable to Gunnedah, with the currency converted to AUD it would work out around $280k............anyone interested.
I called the local water plane and he said it was too choppy to take off at Te Anau and way to choppy and pouring rain at Milford Sound to land so we just bailed on the idea today and headed back to the room for a lazy afternoon, well when you get the spa suite you may as well use it. After a nice meal we walked along the edge of the lake as long as we could in the cold wind and grabbed a few pics. I’m glad I bought a good jumper this afternoon or I would have froze.
While shopping this afternoon I found these two guns, the first one is set up for night hunting while the damage on the second one was done when the riffle was fired when it had frozen.

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