Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Zealand Trip Day 2 - Post by Stuart

Day 2 NZ Trip, Auckland.

We done the Skytower jump today, I wasn't that impressed as I suffer from a fear of heights.
I bailed on the first attempt, once I looked over the edge no matter what the brain said was ok the body simply said, "mate... are you crazy". So I bailed out and let another guy and Jodi jump. Jodi loved it, she wants to do it again this arvo, well she can have that. I define it as shear terror overload, followed by thoughts of well....more terror basically. this is what you see looking down, see that target looking thing way down there, well it's only 192mtrs away.... -_-...
Anyway after that we were keen (read I) for something a little more sedate, so we headed out to an Aquarium, I suppose there are only so many thing you can do with an aquarium and it was a bit like seen one seen em all. Saw some big lobsters, I took a photo but without something to put it into scale they didn't look that impressive in the pic, they were probably close to 2' long and almost as round as a AFL ball. Here is a picture of a fully dressed penguin.
Here is one undressed.
We came back to the motel and had a feed and a power nap, hence the blog update, we are doing the bridge walk in the morning, Jodi might want to bungy jump off that too, after the skytower I imagine it would feel like jumping off a bale of hay..... we'll see. After the bridge walk we are heading down to some caves and across to Rotorua for a day. I'm not sure if you can ring me on my normal number, maybe just send me an email if you are chasing me. Jodi is laying on the bed reading pamphlets on things to day, she just said we missed the judging of Miss NZ Bikini, I think it actually starts at 9.30pm, I better go and see if I can find that brochure before she throws it out. Till next post.

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