Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Zealand Trip Day 10 - Post by Stuart

back to Queenstown

January 20th There’s only one kind of day to have over here....huge... We left Te Anau about 8am, it was a bit cold, windy and overcast, not much of a day really but the scenery soon puts you in a better mood, Jodi reckons she is suffering scenery fatigue again, too much to look at so she reads a book while we drive along, she’s left it up to me to take photo’s now.
The sunrise and sunsets are both drawn out down here at south of Tasmania, it gets dark about 10pm and it’s not really sunny until about 8.30 – 9.00am, hence you can get some good light pictures without getting up too early. On the way back to Queenstown I snapped these ones of the hills.
I also managed a crop inspection, so guess this is a work trip after all hey.
Even saw a few of the more intelligent local up close again.
Also found my next business already setup and ready to buy... seriously doubt it would pay as good as boring old grain brokerage but I’m thinking the life style might help compensate the lack of income.
This is a great pic of the southern reaches of the lake out the front of Queenstown.
We had an hour or so to kill before the bus left for the jet boats so we cruised around the main streets, Jodi checked out the opposition over a cup of coffee.
We also found this gallery promoting this animation, it’s based around these dog / human things that live in the area, apparently Disney has bought the rights so it might be on a screen soon.
Around illivin fifti we jumped on the bus to take us to Skippers Canyon to go jet boating. The ride through this goat track to the Shotover river was better than the jet boats. This is the view from the top before we head down into the canyon.
Some of the road had 100mtr cliff to the left and 100mtr rise the right and the road was about 12’ wide.
We strapped on the life vests and jumped on the boats and done a 9k run up the river, it was fun but I thought he was sparing the ponies a bit myself, I had the GoPro filming it so I’ll post up some vids later.
Back off the boat we headed to a area to have a good look at the canyon we just boated down before heading back to town.
After a slight run in with the motel about room allocation I got over my case of the shits and settled on what they gave us, it’s better than the last one they gave us a couple of nights ago but still nothing like what I thought the travel agent had booked, I think next time I’ll just book it all myself so I don’t get the disappointments with the rooms I’ve had this trip. The motel dude let it slip and said "these are the rooms we allocate travel agent booking", implying they get the shit rooms !!!. This is the view we have tonight, better than the compost heap and chook shed the other day but still not what I was expecting.
We’ll we are off quad biking through the mountains tomorrow morning and if the wind dies down I might have a crack at tandem paragliding or get a chopper ride to the glaziers, we’ll see.

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