Monday, April 29, 2013

Results from Round 1 with Michelle Bridges 12 WBT

It really is quite amaising when you look at the photos.
You know you have lost weight, because clothes are bigger
you can see it one the scales
and you feel so much lighter and better!
But to look at the before and after photos is the thing that hits you!

I still have like more than 45 kilos to loose!
But I know I can do it now,
so that being said I feel ok about showing these photos,
because we wont be seeing me like this again!!!!

I still have a couple of days left for this round...

But here are the results from Round 1

December 2012
117 Kilos. Approx.
(Could have been more!)

April 2012
104 kilos

To follow my weight loss journey more closely
see my weight loss blog

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