Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A bit of an update

Its been a while since I last update the blog
and one of my resolutions this year was getting back to doing blog entries.
Its a really good way to keep a diary
and I do actually have my blog bounded into books..

I suppose the reason for the non blogging is lack of things to blog about.
My main source of blog material is still living in Emerald
my scrapping now is usually just my weekly class kits
that I have here in the shop.
And the shop itself keeps me really busy
and then in the extra time I have...
I am still trying to loose weight!

As far as that goes, I am still signed up for Michelle Bridges
but I wont be signing up again.
Lets just leave it at that.
I am still exercising everyday though and trying really hard to eat well.

I had an episode of illness a couple of weeks ago,
massive pain in my chest!
I callasped and was rolling on the floor in agony.

Stu dragged me to the hospital
(I told him to ring an ambulance!)
and the whacked me on all the monitors.
My heart was really good despite the agony I was in so it wasn't that.
The doctor said Gallstones or upset tummy!
I was vomiting which I do when I am under extreme stress
like this pain I was in.

Anyway all the blood tests and things done and then went to the doctor
and of course his diagnoses without any results in front of him was
You have cholesterol because your so fat!
I told him ok then run all the tests and I will come back when they are done.
So I went back a week later and the first question I asked was
What were my results.
Good he said,
yes fine, but what actually were they,
Everything normal
Yes ok, what was my cholesterol?
It was good, maybe a little below average...
Hmm I see.
What about my sugar?
Yes Ok, also a little below average.

So I dont have cholesterol and I am not in any fear of getting
So why do I have gallstones
(Bear in mind he said it was because I was so fat and had cholesterol! I am proving a point here!)
He then said that 85% of woman have them but very few get attacks,
There we are, thats more like it!

Dont you hate how doctors blame fat, smoking and drunking on everything!
I damaged my knee running on a treadmill and he also blamed it on being too fat! Probably true but still!!
Come up with someone original will you!

Anyway, so health issues aside, I feel pretty good.

I am really getting into project life at the moment!
I have weekly classes here with the lumpy bumpy scrapping
but I am thinking I might start flatening it out more.
I know the ladies love the lumpy bumpy
but I need to fnd a way to adapt my flowery scrapping
and make it flatter!

I am also going to start Project Life kits too next year.
I am gathering supplies and looking for things that are a little different.
Keep your eye out!

Here are some kits that I have onsale at  the moment.
If you would like one pop me an email.

Kaisercraft Miss Empire Collection
$37 includes all instructions.


Kaisercraft True Romance Collection
$35 includes full instructions


Kaisercraft Curiosity Collection
$28 includes full instructions


Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells Collection
$35 includes full instructions

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

I check back here everyweek looking for your updates its good to see you have got back into blogging.
love your scrapping
I have had gallstones and had my gallbladder removed


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