Saturday, September 29, 2007

WHAT A DAY!!!! - 101

What a day I had today!! So busy!!!

I had a wedding, a 21st, an 18th and an 80th...... Plus it was dd's birthday!!! Boy oh boy!!

We celebrated dd's birthday with a dinner at the golf club. She had a lovely time with her best friend and boy firend.... and of course us!!

Here are the birdy lovers (Thats what dd used to call couples!!!) too funny!

The kids.
This wedding was THE MOST AWESOME!!! thing you have seen. By far the absolute best wedding i have done. It was so hard to visualise at the main colour was black, but OMG!! It turned out amaising!!

These dresses are the most gorgeous dresses I ahve seen in a wedding party. So individual!!! the bride wore white, but look at that red panal at the back on the train!!! A local dress maker made this!! The mother of the bride made the bridemaids dresses!!

Arnt they lovely!!
Now, the room. Thhis turned out so far above my expectations!! I totally cant believe it!!!
The Bridal table and cake table!! The balloon backdrop
Up close

Cake table up close

The dance floor

Look at this waiter!!! 2 days it took to get this finished!!!

The room

After all this exaustion it was time to go out to tea!! Thank god i didnt have to cook!!
This was day 101 for me!!! Thank god its nearly over!!

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AmandaMcGregor74 said...

wow - you do some impressive work!! Were the bridal couple happy?? I would have been.


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