Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well, I was hoping that that todays photos would have list uping list of scrapbooking pages that i did today..... but alas, that wasnt the case.......

With the husband off to Nabiac with the Gunnedah Motorcycle Club, I was looking forward to having nothing else to do, but ignore the shousework and meal preparation in exchange for many long hours slaving over my cutters and glue!!!

PHft!! That didnt happen did it.... The kids had other plans....

Drop Josh of at work, take gas bottles back, pick up decor from last nights awards.... grrrrrr, emelia wanted to go off to the boyfriends place...... pick up josh from work, bring him home to pack for the camping trip.... run him out to keepit.. lovely scenery.. had to stop to take photos didnt i?? Gorgeous!!

Here is Keepit itself... its so dry!!
Here are the boys preparing for a BIG NIGHT!!!

Here are a few of the photos i took of the lovely scenery!!!

I tried for a daily photo, but the batteries ran out in the camera... didnt like this shot - so this isnt the official daily photo!! LOL

So I finally got the kids sorted, daughter went to boyfriends place for a party and i was invited to one of my favorite firends places, along with my other favorite friends for a BBQ!!! Huh!! BBQ!! Blimy!! Total pig out feast!!! I am so full!!! I will never eat again!!!

Here i am all dressed and ready to go.... This is the official DAY 80 photo!!

And this photo is my FAVORITE for the day. My wicked witch of the West (think wizard of oz!!) boots and socks!!! Too cool!!!

Now some girly photos!!!

Here we are enjoying the vibrating sounds coming from Jacquies entertainment system!!! HUGE!!!!

Here are the girls giving encouragement to Craig as her prepares this totally wicked desert!!!

After four bottles of our favorite wine and a belly plus full of food!!! I am totally stuffed and patiently waiting for the taxi to bring my daughter home.....
I am hoping she kept her promise to not drink....... But, if she does she will suffer the consequences... just as my son did and learnt to NOT do it!!! LOL We all learn the hard way dont we???
OK, thats it for me. Its nearly midnight.. nearly run out of time to get this post done.. Nite

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