Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Oh no!!! Do you know what happened today???

Its been such a hectic weekend, with the wedding and dds birthday and all!!! All I thought about was getting all this done.

I completely forgot that today was our wedding anniversary!!! Totally didnt even give it a thought.

So as I was lying in bed thismorning trying to wake up and my husband put this lovely wrapped box in my hand and said "Happy Anniversary", I nearly died!! Its not the wifes position to forget these things!!!

I was totally sick that i forgot.......

Anyway, this is what was in the package.....

I had eyed this off a while ago and dragged stu into the jewellery shop and showed him, not thinking anymore about it as i have done that before, and stus bought something else...... So how stoked was i!!!!

We did come to an agreement though... My gift would be a ful body massage and lamb shanks for tea. I make the BEST lamb shanks. Better than the restaurants!! I dont cook much, but the few things i do cook, I cook really well!!! They were totally wicked!!!

And here we are, still blissfully happy after 18 years together!!!

Happy Anniversary darling... I lvoe you more than ever!!!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Happy Anniversary. That's funny that you forgot! At least you got to spend the day together - our anniversary last year I spent it in the ED with my 3 year old, then in an ambulance off to another ED! Hope the full body massage went well - wink wink!!

kerry said...

Hi Jod, Cant beleive that you forgot what were you thinking lol.Congratulations and what a beautiful ring you lucky bugger.
Take care Kerry xo


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