Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 82 - Still Boring!!!

Day 82 and its still boring!!!

I have been trying to clean the house today, after a "chance" coffee with Brenda this morning and a very exciting trip to Goodness & Gracious!!!

I bought this lovely shelf thats behind me..... Im trying to make my scrap space more useable...... This is an ongoing drama for all scrappers!!!

So my reward for getting the house clean was to start on my scrapspace!!! I bought a couple of shelves from the reject shop and it all looks a little more organised!!!

Its all in the testing though isnt it??

My FAVORITE for today???
I love this light!!! It was the best thing I ever bought for scrapping. best $25 ever spent!!!

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kerry said...

Hey chick,
How are you i hope well. I had a great time at the retreat i have posted some of my layouts that i completed.It hepls when you have your scrapping stuff organized i would love more room.I got a surprize email form Nat at scrap theraphy asking me if i was still interested in going for the design team spot as some one had pulled out.So of course i said yes.take care Kerry


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