Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 96 - Another boring day!!

Well, it was another boring day today. Just cleaning. I hate Mondays!!! I still have that damn Dyson Vaccum!! Its not working again. Must wash the filter and see if that helps.

Didnt shower this morning. Went to the gym and came home and cleaned the house..... thats all i did - not worth getting all dressed up for!!

this is me and the cat. We arent that great a mates!! I dont feed him - so he doenst like me. Hes my husbands cat. LOL

But look what happened last night!!! I jambed my finger in the door and i thought i broke it. See, theres bruising there!!! Its hurt so much it made me sick to the stomach! I totally wanted to vomit!!!

So, thats my Monday. Hope your was more exciting!!!
Seeya tomorrow for another chapter!!

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