Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Emelia

Emelias birthday falls during pony camp, so we celebrated tonight!! Shes 15!!!!

We had a quiet bbq at home as its been such a huge week with eveything thats gone on. Just two of four of her favorite people, Matt, Coutney, Nan and Ken. Of course the family as well.
Matt bought Emelia this gorgeous soft teddie that i have no doubt emelia will be sleeping with every night.
Court and Emelia have this thing about cute kiddie toys.... Court bough this cute little bubble maker girl.
And here they all are vegging on the lounge out the back. Josh was there too, but disappeared when the camera came out... Typical!!


Joanne said...

Happy birthday Emelia and have a great time at pony camp.
Congrats to Josh for finishing year 12. Good luck with the exams.

Lisa A said...

Happy Birthday Emelia, I reckon emelia will be sleeping with that cute cuddly teddy everynight....

kerry said...

Happy birthday to Emelia oh to be 15 again myself and know what oi know now lol.Have agreat week at pony club too.take care Kerry xx

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