Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sad Day for the Regans

The handsome man in the middle there is my Uncle Lionel. He is my Nans little brother.
He's been sick for a little while, but went into a comma and died on Tuesday. He did well, as Aunty Betty his wife dies in 1981.
We went to his graveside funeral today..... heaps of people were there that though alot of Uncle Lionel, he was a lovely man. May you Rest In Peace

As it is at all funerals, you run into long lost relatives. As we were like 3rd Cousins, when I left Narrabri, I didnt see much of my cousins.
This is Debbie and i who are pictured with Uncle Lionel above.... We've growd up a bit hey??

Another person i was really pleased to see was my little flower girl Nicky!!!! I totally didnt recognise her.. This is how i remember Nicky..
And this is Nicky now, the one with the flower in her hair!! Isnt she the most gorgoeus woman!! Nicky is finishing Uni but has been invited back to do her Masters in Business next year.
Here i am with my other cousins, Sonia and Julie. They were like my live dollies when we were grwoing up... being that i was so much older!!!!
I used to dress them up and put makeup on them..... Sonia who is in the middle is MARRIED!!! I couldnt beleive it, and had 2 little boys!!! Her hubby seams like such a beautiful bloke!!!
Julie has the most beautiful silky long hair! I didnt know who she was, she had to tell me!!!



One more week and its all over bah the exams!!!
I had a house full yesterday when they all came over the "pratise" guitar hero for the students vs teachers guitar hero challenge......
The students won!!!

Then tonight they were off to a party, they had to go as clowns... out same my clown costumes!!
My son is the one under the wig with the big mouth!!
These balloons were their gift..... Notice the bubble looking balloons. They are actually helium filled condoms!! Too funny!!!
Here is what i did last night... I took time out and did a class layout by Rachelle Minnett. I really like it. Learn a couple of techniques which is always handy!!

I taught the on-line album at Scrap with V tonight.... Went well. Tomorrow nights class is the layout...

Big day again tomorrow as well. Weve got the campdraft from last weekend and pony camp grading day Sunday. As well as the drags this weekend... More motorbike photos!!


Lisa A said...

Love the layout Jodi, sorry to hear about your uncle, and loved the clown outfits....

Joanne said...

Condolences for your uncle, great looking clowns I hope they have a lot of fun, its sounds like a big weekend planned have a good time.

kerry said...

Sorry to here about your uncle Jodi .What lovely pics that you have of your cousins too.take care Kerry xx

Jackie / Kate said...

So Sorry about your Uncle Jod...xox

Jackie / Kate said...

Love the layout...its gorgeous

Nicole R said...

Hey Jode! I love this blogspot thingo...its pretty cool.. love the pics and the blog. u really did mean it when u said u update it all the time....


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