Thursday, September 18, 2008


Jack & I did a 3km run this morning!!!!!!

well, not the whole thing.....

For ultimate fat burning, the magic formula is 8 seconds run, 12 seconds walk for 20 minutes.

Jacks hubby Craig programmed his boxing timer for us and we thought ok, we'll do maybe a thrid before stopping..... But we made the whole 3km!!! Arnt we good!!

Pat on the back for Jack & Jodi please!!!

We do have a goal though... we'd like to compete in next years Gunnedah Gallop. Its an 8km fun run around town (Gunnedah being built on the side of a hill) so its a bit of a killer. We thought we could do the "veterins" run which is 3km... but hey, we might just do the 8km!!

Watch this space!!!

And keep 000 on speed dial just incase!!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

I am going to start walking in the morning before work....Kosmo is going to love it, out there seeing all the lady dogs, thank god he has been fixed up


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