Sunday, September 14, 2008

This made my cry today

How much does this kid look like his Dad!!!
This photo is courtesy of Daily Telegraph today.

I was reading this article while waiting for my maccas coffee this morning and it was so hard not to cry.... Im doing it now!!!
How proud would Steve be of his little bloke!!! And its so sad that Steve isnt here on this earth to see him.
I would really love to believe that he is in heaven watching over his family and can see the great work that is being carried on under his guideance.... I really hope thats how it is....
Here is the article.. Here

Look at the entencity in those eyes... he is right into this lizard. He has that wild eyed thing happening that Steve had. And Bob was only a baby when he died. Steve must have really spent so much time with these kids for Bob to be so much like him in such a short amount of time. Its a real credit to Terry that she took her babies and moved on dispite such terrible tragedy!!

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Lisa A said...

This is a great story, and yes he must have spent and incredible amount of time with the kids, he is just the spitting image of his father, well i must wipe away the tears now

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