Thursday, July 12, 2007

365 Day Challenge - Day 22 - A day at the Farm

Isnt this a great photo!!

Been out at Brenda's farm today playing around with scrapbooking stuff and building Brenda's blog. Great fun!!

I was going to start recording bits of trivia about myself on these - so in 20 years time when i look back i can think - WOW - I remember that!!!

But i cant think of anything!!

But speaking of being at a farm brings back memories for me. I used to have a best friend, Gail. She lived on a farm. We used to swap visits lots. Id stay out at ther place for a week and visa versa. We were both into horses and had the best times. Funny - I dont have any photos!! I learnt to drive out at Gails, I also learnt to ride a motorbike and it was at her place that i got drunk for the first time on beer!! I was so sick!!!

We used to drive around in gails parents rose pink layland car. I called it the pink pox!!!

But it was all great fun, and i learnt so much out on that farm. I would be a fantastic way to raise kids!!
Speaking of which - while trying to get this photo, we also had to take ones of the kids
I love this photo of me and emelia!!

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francineA said...

Hi Jodi just read through your blog, am loving your ..and dont you have the two most gorgeous looking kids..well done...
fran scrapcat


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