Sunday, July 15, 2007

365 Day Challenge - Day 23 - Im getting Old!!! :(

This is a belated upload due to my computer breaking. I have stolen my daughters laptop which we cofiscated from her a month ago!!! Very handy!! Had to load up appropriate software. I mean I cant do much with my photos with "Sims" can i? lol

So here is day 23...... Im noticing my age now......
See my neck!!! Its getting all turkey necked. I didnt think this kind of thing would happen for a lot longer!!! I use all my creams - good brands too.
But we have put it down to the fact that i have lost alot of weight over the last couple of years. 35 kilos in all, so there has to be some residue somewhere. I would have been happy if it stayed on my tummy - not on my face where everyone can see it!!!
I hate old age..... Im only 39!!!

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