Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 32 - SUNDAY & Im staying in bed with Harry!!!

Its 10.00am and i here voices outside my door. "The lights on".... "She's reading" Emelia slowly opens the door and Joshua looks up over her shoulder - "See I told you shed be reading!"

This is what happens with the new Harry Potter books. I read them and read them until I am done. I went to be last night a 7.30pm tp read and woke up and started again - after tossing and turning all night dreaming about Harry!!! honestly he has possessed me!! Im nearly half way now though. Give me the week and things will be back to normal around here!!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

glad to see someone else is addicted to Harry. Read my post from yesterday - And I had the same 365 Day Photo idea for yesterday too!! Enjoy your read, but shame on you for reading the last chapter first, doesn't that kill the suspense!!

Tracey said...

Hi Jodi,

My daughter has done the same thing. She hasn't had her head out of the book since she brought it. She got the first copy From Target and was very Excited.

Love your photos


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