Saturday, July 28, 2007

Layout Swap - Brown Eyed Girl

This is a layout i have done for Kerry from cyberscraps. I hope she likes it. This is attempt number two. number one ended up in the bin after 2 days of work and the hand glueing of 100 beads!!!! Sometimes it just doesnt turn out the way you see it in your head. But this one is a little better. Its so ahrd to scrap someone elses kids i think!!!


Brenda said...

jodi I love it, you must be pleased with yourself .... clever clever!!!

kerry said...

Jodi this is just georgeous i can't beleive that you threw the first one in the bin what were you thinking?.I'm sure that your first one would have been great as looking at this one you sure haven't dissapointed me.I'm going to submit the layout that i done of your children and i hope that you are going to submit this one of Mikayla. Thanks again for doing this page as it is always good to have someone elses input into your own scrapbooking.


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