Tuesday, June 14, 2011

International Field Arhcery Association (IFAA) National Championships Glouster

After spending 4 days shooting and camping in the pouring rain, we are now going to purchase a camper van!!  Yay!

We knew the rain forecast before we went,
but knowing that its going to rain when your planning to camp in tents
and then actually experiencing heavy rain when your camping in tents are two
completely different things!!!

We heading off to Gloucester on Thursday
a bit of a convoy of Gunnedah Archers..

We stopped at the lookout at the Barrington Tops....
It was breathtaking!!
(Have you ever seen the kids movies about Little Foot and her other dinosaur friends?  I think this is where they lived! I can just see them looking for water matching through the valley with their herd! Such cute movies!!)

We got to Avon Archers on Thursday just after lunch
and the day was fine, but so so cold!!!!!

This is me with so many layers on, i cant keep count of them anymore... I am eating tea in the tent!

We froze that night! Oh My God it was so cold!!!!!
We were sleeping on a feather doona over 2 different mattresses about a foot thick in all. A folded out sleeping bag and then another blanket. flannelette sheets, then another blanket, a doona, another rug! and froze! So I added trackies and a hooded jumper plus my beanie! Froze! Then i also added another two blankets one under me and one over me and i was warm enough to finally fall asleep!!!

Stu and I weren't the only suckers though...
There were a few of us!!

So round one on Friday the weather was quiet nice, but really cold!!
This is a photo of the 80 yard shot.
Both these girls are A grade girls. One travels all over the world for archery including about to compete at Vagas. The other lady on the right is with the Institute of Sport training for the Commonwealth Games.

It was so scary coming into the competition with the very limited lead up i had.
The last time i competed at National Level, Id been hitting the gym for six months to build up my shoulders and shooting hundred of arrows a week! 
On top of that, my bow was a finely tuned machine
and i had the assurance that i was comfortable in B grade with no pressure, just there to play archery!!!

But because i hadn't shot archery in 3 years, i went into this ungraded which meant i was in A Grade!!
With ladies like the above!! Eeek!!
But i came in after day one sitting in 3rd place! I was so pleaded that i hadn't just embarrassed myself!! 
My bow was so reliable!!! Very consistent with its distances, which is so important!!

Day two and the rain started!!!
8.30am hooter and this is us! Rugged up with rain coats and umbrellas and mud boots!

It was pouring rain!
Not impressed!

But after day two and shooting a Personal Best, I was still sitting in 3rd so i was stoked!!!

Here is Me & Stu all rugged up in the tent!!
It was pouring down!!

More rain night and day on Sunday and still sitting in 3rd.
Then the final day started in the pouring rain but managed to ease off into the shoot!
My shoulder however just wasnt handling things really well at all!
My neck and should that holds the bow in place was so sore!
Tears would come to my eyes just holding it in place.
After a bit of a rough start, i still finished in 3rd place
which meant a BRONZE MEDAL for me
in A GRADE!!!
You have no idea how massive this is for me! WOW!

Then there was the pack up and mess!!!

Due to the heavy rain and possible flooding, we had to get out as soon as possible.
So i didn't hang around for the presentation of the medals! :(
But i will share photos when it turns up!!!

Celebrating the big wet! 

The kids loved it too!!

It was so good to be home in a warm bed last night!!!
And next time, there will be no tents!!!


Deb E said...

Wow Jodie you are amazing. Congratulations on a brilliant effort in such trying conditions.

We recently had holidays at Barrington Tops and spent a day exploring Gloucester so it was exciting for me to read your comments on it. Being Queenslanders I had never heard of the place until I went on our bushwalking holiday in May. We actually had snow on one of the days. Very exciting. But very cold and that was only in May so I can only imagine just had cold it was for you.

Debbie Eustace

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow - congratulations ... had a wee giggle to myself over the wet weather conditions though ... well at least I am honest ... so ... have you thawed out ???


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