Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Photos of Emelia to share....

My Baby girl is home again
and for a few more weeks this trip around!
Its between Semesters at College.
They did Cert I & II last Semester
and then Cert III starting July.

So now she is home, i have access to some much needed photos!!!
Here they are at Intercol.
This is an event where they travelled to Long Reach Ag College
and participate in Horse and Motorbike events.
Emelia liked this roan horse..

Here she is doing some cutting...
The beast is a stuffed white thing on a run wire...

Here they are riding on the farm...

This is one of the foals at college..
She was able to get really close to it. So adorable!

Come on and jump in my car!!
Here the girls are at Woolworths!!
All sharing a ride!
 Perfect timing for a layout challenge this photo!!

Its nice to have her home..
And she bought her room mate and best friend Zara with her this time.
Its so funny to listen to them talk, they are like twins!
Finishing sentences for each other and talking their own language!
So funny!


lindy said...

Oh it's good to have her home even if only a short time ..enjoy the time Jodes!!

Anonymous said...

aww Hi Emelia (waving) love the photo of her and the foal that is precious :)


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