Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Town - My Country - Gunnedah Australia. I Heart Faces - My Story in Photos

I heart faces this week
are having a week of competitions
so we can tell you our story about where we live
in any way we choose too...
So here is my story..

I live in the small town of Gunnedah, NSW Australia...
A town of beauty
A town of contrasts
A town that can suffer from the elements with great floods
And great droughts
A town that comes alive in spring with flowering trees and plants...
A blanket of purple with the jacaranda trees
And avenues of colour

When you can drive down the street at any given time
and give way to a koala
That thrive in Gunnedah
as the Koala Capital of the World
A town where you can look out your
kitchen window and see a kangaroo
Or a blue tongue lizard
Or even an echidna
Frogs are aplenty in our town
We are an old fashioned community
with lots of barbed wire fences
Where you can keep your favourite pet close to your home
Our skies can be an abundance of colours..
With beautiful sunsets
or bright blue skies
Birds in trees
with their songs...
A town where you can do all kinds of sports...
From horseriding
Drag Racing
Or hunting feral animals..
This is my story..


Anonymous said...

your sunset shots are amazing... loved your story

Anonymous said...

yah for gunnedah !! gorgeous pictures :)

lsquare said...

You make me want to visit! I especially like the flower shots, the sunset and the frog....

Hollie said...

GREAT story! I've always wanted to go to Australia... you make me want to go even more! Love the purple trees down the street and the sunsets the best.

Gillian Buick said...

Amazing. I used to live in Armidale. Great to see pics of australia again. I love the koala shots - my favourite animal.

chrisw said...

what wonderful Pics,I'm packing my bags to join you,,Oh sorry only in my dreams..Looks like a magical place to be

emma-lyn_art_freaaak said...

wow! i miss that town so much, and you've done a wonderful job of justifying the small but wonderfull town. my favourite place to be there is my old property near blackjack road.


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