Friday, July 9, 2010

Upper Horton Junior Rodeo.... Yihar!

Today was an interesting day....
We started bright and early to get all our functions done
My apprentice and i!!!
We had a 21st, and a ball
plus i did a consultation for another function tomorrow night
and then we were off by 11am to go to the big city of
Upper Horton....
Population: around 1200

Today they were hosting the Junior Rodeo
Emelia's bf Jesse was riding and we thought it would be a nice day out for the girls....

It was really interesting too.
I used to go to the odd rodeo when i was young.
My brothers were keen to ride the potty steers.
I even had a go myself, and i dont remember it ever being this safe!!!

This young bloke is 8 and he is the World Champion Potty Steer rider in his age division, so he is doing it fairly independently...

But the boys dont let them hit the ground hard.
As soon as their time is in the boys are there to catch them
They have this young fella, i think they said he was 4.
He was held the whole time and they lifted him from the beast when he was about to fall.
The older guys (Under 14)
could have more independence
Some had a hard fall like this guy!!
Awesome shot hey??
This is the bloke we went to see
Jesse rode his time and scored ok.
This bloke is Jesse's counsin
I thought this was a good photo...
Riding him sideways!!
All in all it was a lovely day
It was quiet warm in the sun
and there was no wind
all very pleasant.....


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Loved looking through your rodeo pics!! :D

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