Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Review & Photo Story Friday

Bridgette and I went for a look at Big W
a couple of weeks ago,
and she told me i had to read this series.....
This one i found out was book 19 in a series that so far has about 21 books!!
But i followed the story ok
and have now bought the first 4 books on ebay!!

Kinda interesting book...
A bit different from the Teen fiction ive been reading lately.
This is ADULT fiction
the story was heaps more detailed
and Oh My Goodness, the sex scenes!!
These were things my husband would enjoy more than me!!
It was very um..... descriptive!!!!

But i really enjoyed it non the less
and i will read them all......
Now Solo
Here is my Photo Story Friday Post
I think Solo is having emotional issues
with the loss of Cimmi.
So ive done some reading on Google
and we need to spend a little more one on one time with him.
Emelia is away for a few days
so its my time to bond with him.
I took a brush down and thought id give him a brush..
he wouldn't come up to me for a pat
He was just waiting for his food!!!
See, sticking his nose in the food shed!
So I fed him
and he wouldn't talk to me at all...
Just making a big old dusty mess with his food...
So i told him, ok then, if you dont want to talk i will go and take some Macro shots around the paddock.
So i left him there to eat his food and he came out of the stable to watch me.
So i felt sorry for him and went back in and just brushed him a bit while he was eating....
When he was done i told him i was going.
He followed me out again,
so i just walked around the paddock taking photos.
He didn't want a pat though
i couldn't touch him, he would just jerk away.
So i just kept talking photos and talking to him.
Then he came and grabbed hold of my camera bag..
But i just ignored him, and he kept grabbing it.
Finally he let me give him a cuddle.
And then he didn't want me to leave...
He followed me up the fence
and was still standing there when i jumped our fence to come inside...
Poor little bloke!!!


phillipa said...

Oh poor just wants to make ya cry!

lindy said...

I agree!! thats so sad Jodi..

Anonymous said...

thanks god for the chance to enjoy so many good artical.............................................................

Anonymous said...

hey i cant believe there are more books that go with that series did we start at the beginning :) i hope so cause now i gotta read them all too yah !! you gotta get the night world series now i read the second book and loved them theer are three short stories sto each book
poor poor solo that is just so sad for him :(

Anonymous said...

nooo we did not eeeeekkkkk i just re read your post book 19 ahhhh crap lol
i am reading risky business atm you can have a lend of it after me its not a vamp book would you believe shock horror :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

poor lonely horse

Lisa A said...

Message for Solo:
Hugs and Kisses from Kosmo Beaver and Jaws, we can come over and play if u like and you can chase us thru the paddocks..............................


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