Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally the wait is over - Twilight Eclipse

After all this waiting
Eclipse has hit the cinemas!! Yay!
But i was there for one reason
and one reason only!!
To lay my eyes on this guy,
Jacob Black
and the man hasn't lost any form i can tell you!
He keeps his shirt off for much of this movie
and we get to see the more romantic side to him,
*ah, the thought of it.......
Great movie!!
The story is obviously cut in half
with lots of pieces missing,
but we all get the point
and i didn't walk out of this one wanting to
slap Bella silly, so thats a good thing!!
I cant wait to see it again....
Cant wait to see Jacob again with his shirt off....
Yeh Edward isn't quiet as boring in this movie,
I think he smiles once or twice.
But Jacob is the reason i am there....


phillipa said...

Ah Jode we can but dream!!!!

bridgedan said...

boooooooooooooooooooooooo its edward all the way !
and hey what about the fantastic company you had what about that lovely person hmmmmmm!
Your welcome hehehe

passion4pink said...

I'm with you I 'm a jacob fan All the way!!!!!!!!he is certainly blessed with a great physique!!!!!

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