Monday, July 12, 2010

We loose a dear Friend....... R.I.P. Cimmi 1977 - 2010

Cimmi joined our family in 2008
she was 31 years old....
I suppose she thought that her time had come
and her days of running around the arena were over...

She had done her years at Pony Camp
and was retired to the paddock when her young rider went off to Uni...
Until Emelia found her...
and resurrected her career

We were looking for something to keep Emelia distracted
she was going through a few personal issues
and as Emelia always wanted a horse
we thought we would look at that as a kind of
"Pets as Therapy"

A customer rang one day and we got to talking
and i found out the lovely old chestnut pony
at the back of our place belonged to her.
And she very graciously allowed us to love her....

Here is their first meeting.
It helped that Emelias boyfriend at the time was also into horses..
They spent some time together
and got to know one another....
This was around June 2008
Here is their first ride outside the paddock..
Cimmi loved it!!!
She was so excited to be outside the paddock for the first time in a long time.
Her and Mat took a few rides before thinking about going to
Pony Club Rally Days
Here they are during their first rally day
this was around August 2008
Around the end of August we starting thinking about
Pony Camp
Emelia was keen, and Cimmi was really enjoying being ridden
She knew all the ropes...

So it was time to get shod.
They attended a couple of Rally Days
And the odd Team Penning
In September it was grading day
before Pony Camp....
Cimmi and Emelia did really well...
But it was deemed that she was too old for Camp
and posed too much risk.....
So she was retired back to the paddock
after helping Emelia find her passion for horses
and a really good grounding for her riding...
Once Solo came along
it made her young again
trying to keep up with this feral horse
and making sure he didn't steal her food
and her attention...
She loved her food!!
We found some really great little pellets for older horses
and she just loved them!!
So did Solo
So we gave Cimmi these nuts and also had to give some to Solo so he wouldn't steal hers...
But they would go back and forth between their bins making sure the other didn't have some nuts left!!
They were so funny to watch!!
You can see how great her coat look once she started having the nuts....
She looked lovely and shiny!!!
Around August last year she started getting a bit crook
We thought we were going to loose her
she started loosing weight so fast
her ribs and hip bones were showing...
This particular night we thought she was going
she went down on the ground and couldn't get up again
Solo was so worried...
We both cried, we thought she was dying
Thank goodness though
we found out that the neighbours thinking they were doing the right thing were feeding the horses grass cuttings.
So we chucked it all out of the paddock and put a sign up telling people not to feed them.
So come April, she was fighting fit
galloping around the paddock again
and having a wonderful time.
So we decided to saddler her up and go for a ride.....
In hindsite, im so pleased that we did.
She loved it.
She was out in front trip trotting the whole time
neighing to the other horses
and having a great time.
We just went around the block, didn't go far
but it was far enough to get the wind in the hair....
Here she is waiting for Solo and i.

I cant even express how sad we are to loose Cimmi.
This horse was a life saver for Emelia
and i dont know where Emelia will now if Cimmi dint come into our lives.

She made our lives fuller
she made us feel all kinds of feelings that we haven't experienced before with having such a large pet.
I know that someone was looking down at us and bought Cimmi into our lives for a reason...
We will be forever grateful at having the opportunity
to know her and to love and care for her...

On Friday she was fine
running around the paddock chasing Solo....
then we got a phone call from neighbours telling us she had gone down..

We found her on Sunday afternoon
I looks like she and Solo were having a run around enjoying the rain
and she has had a heart attack
and died instantly.
There were no signs of distress for which we are so grateful.

Rest In Peace Cimmi
We will love you and remember you always...

Solo is struggling with her lose
He keeps looking for her and is so sad.
At first he didnt want comfort, but he is slowly coming around
and He and Emelia enjoyed some long cuddles today...
He keeps looking for her though...
We think we might get another little pony for him
to keep him company


phillipa said...

Oh Jodi what a lovely story and how sad for you all. I was just about crying myself reading this. xx

lindy said...

Oh Jodi how sad for you told such a beautiful story

Kylie said...

this shows how much Cimmi meant to you & your family...what wonderful memories you have of your time together. xx

Anonymous said...

omgosh i am crying here like a baby poor solo and poor you and Emelia such a sad story sorry for your loss sweets xx


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