Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Country Papercrafts Retreat 2010 - Keepit Dam

Ok local scrappers....
or non local for that matter,
anyone at all!!
Anyone that does any kind of craft!

Last year this was the mostest awesome retreat!!
Country Papercrafts Retreat 2010
The cost is only $175.
The accommodation really is the most comfy bunk style accommodation, so there are no fights about who sleeps with who, as all your friends can share a room!!!
And just your friends, altogether!!! Perfect!!
The location is devine, there is heaps of room
really great lighting!!
You can all sit together at the one table!!!
and the FOOD!
Oh My God!! Lets just say, you dont go hungry!!!!!

There is also classes if you so desire...
check out there blog for details

There are heaps of places left...
its on 20 - 22nd August!!!

Im going and im looking really forward to it!!
Anyone want to come with?????

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