Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just call me Tommy Woodcock

Wasnt that Pharlaps Strappers name??
Anyway, this was on my job list today.
I had to wash the brumby
Give him a shave
Beautify his tail
and make him all shiny and new!!!
So hard in winter - he is a pony and so fluffy!!!
its hard to beleive he has such a fine coat in Summer!!!
Poor Solo, he was so cold and shivering
So i took him out into the sun to dry him off before he went back to the paddock.
I put him on a long lead and sat in the sun with him
but he kept trying to run back to his paddock!! Creature of habit!
So i rugged him up and took him back.
First thing he did was role!!
i told him he could have at least waited until i left the paddock!!

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